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Sea Gulls?

Birders say there is no such species as a sea gull

but don’t all gulls sea dwell?

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The Jabiru

If you are its aquatic prey

from the Jabiru you’d do best to stay away

or this prehistoric-looking huge stork

with lots of torque in its massive bill

will jabiru you through and through

until it has had its daily fill.

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The Grackle by Ogden Nash

The grackle’s voice is less than mellow,
His heart is black, his eye is yellow,
He bullies more attractive birds
With hoodlum deeds and vulgar words,
And should a human interfere,
Attacks that human in the rear.
I cannot help but deem the grackle
An ornithological debacle.



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All Birds are Exceptional Except the Exception

This time of year

Mostly due to migration and lack of hydration

Most of the birds disappear.

Still largely in the single and less commonly in the pair,

When I do see them they are appreciatively greeted thusly:

To the Vermillion Flycatcher its hi Vermi

To the Loggerhead Shrike it’s hi Shrikey

To the Blue Grosbeak it’s hi Grossie

To the Golden-Fronted Woodpecker it’s hi Goldie

To the Streak-Backed Oriole it’s hi Streaky

To the Rufous-Backed Thrush its buenas dias Rufie,

To the Groove-Billed Ani it’s hey Ani

To the Curve-Billed Thrasher it’s hi Thrashie

To the Canyon Towhee it’s hey there Hee

To the exception which aren’t exceptional yet who are ubiquitous

in their numbers at times ridiculous,

Do you House Sparrows always have to be here!

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The Hooded Merganser

Which duck who isn’t stuck-up

exhibiting a gorgeous manly hood

while showing much pluck 

to catch fish dives into the muck?

The male Hooded Merganser is the anzer

and you can see is well worth at least a stanzer.

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Two toucans can do what a fewcan

but not nearly as much as a slewcan.

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Be they black, turkey, or king

I have a hard time empathizing with any vulture

as I can’t relate to their dining culture

since eating carrion is just not my thing.

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