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Masked Ducks

Why are they called Masked Ducks?

I don’t know

so you should ask it

but only if you’re lucky enough to see one or more

in Mexico through South America

but definitely not Alaska or Nebraska.

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Toucan or Toucanet?

Who can tell the difference between  toucans and  toucanets?

The two Nanettes can.

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Caciques are closely related to orioles and oropendolas

but if you get to see them it all dependolas.

Ranging from Mexico through Central America to South America,

some days it’s really easy to hear and view them

either individually or in various sized groups,

yet on other days you may get to experience nary a single peek

as it seems like they’re playing hide and cacique.



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The Giant Hummingbird

At over six inches this Andean hummingbird is a real giant.

Never glimpsed hovering for no more than only a second or so,

You couldn’t say he was very viewing compliant.

Yet dexterously sucking down that nectar,

Gosh was he ever pliant!

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The Andean Cock-of-Rock

The male Cock-of-the Rock

Is a bird whose looks and behaviors will knock off your socks

With its scarlet elongated head topped off by a crest bigger than its chest,

This national bird of Peru

With wooing a’brewing

In its mating lek competitively hopping and bopping, bopping and hopping

Trying to attract a female whose interested in more than just male forest window shopping,

This cotinga is one heck of a singer

Trying his best to get a mate to produce some eggs to put in their nest.

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Macaws are the world’s largest parrot,

While their vibrant spectacular colors are disparate.

Observing their behaviors and plumage elicits oohs and aahs

As they are truly worthy of human awe.

However, the eighteen species have two potential flaws,

So be macawful wary of their powerful beaks and claws.



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The Toucan Barbet Dos

Certainly not a common egret,

While in Ecuador close to  the equator sans any sweat

With no need for me to fret and fret

Soon I viewed the most flamboyantly colorful target

a berry eating close up resplendent Toucan Barbet,

so now my birdy search can end with no regret.

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